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Elements of Nature 
1st-Nov-2013 01:24 pm
I was reminded again of why I should make an effort to reignite my blogging enthusiasm these past few days after following the success of photographer Eamonn Farell's "Elements of Nature" exhibition, which I had the great pleasure of modelling for on a number of occasions on and off since the summer of 2009. In fact if I'm not mistaken my first shoot for this project with Eamonn was the beginning of the whole series.

Thanks to my early efforts at tagging my blog entries I was able to look back on my previous 2 posts about my shoots with Eamonn (HERE!) and was reminded of all sorts of things I had totally forgotten, such as the lying-down-naked-in-a-pile-of-heather-full-of-ticks-oops incident. That first Donegal trip has also always been very memorable on a personal level it was during that trip that I realised I'd fallen in love. I can recall the exact instant... I happened to be swimming naked in the sea, as you do after a hard days work being sans clothes all over the Irish countryside. I think I was too shy to write that in the post at the time. Oh nostalgia!

4 years in the making, the series finally went on public display this month in Dublin. Unfortunately due to prior work commitments with Olympus I was unable to see the show in person and due to my incredibly sporadic internet access at the time it was being advertised, I wasn't really able to do much more than post a link on my facebook page to recommend people check it out. Though thankfully it doesn't seem like it really needed my internet pimping efforts, having been advertised on banners and posters in Dublin city centre as well as getting a fair bit of media coverage!

1 of my images, entitled "Escape from the Sea" was used to illustrate an article in the Irish Times magazine as well as on billposters in the city. I have to say it was a pretty surreal moment in my modelling career and quite a personal highlight to see myself (albeit very tiny) on a billboard alongside Suede, who have been a favourite band of mine since my early teens.

I was also on the invite to the show, with the "Shelter" image which also happens to be the omg-I-just-sat-naked-in-a-pile-of-ticks images XD

Though I wasn't there in person, I did see a video of the opening night and it looks like it was a great success. Congratulations Eamonn and thankyou so much for one of my favourite art nude projects I've ever been involved in! :)
1st-Nov-2013 04:06 pm (UTC)
Really pleased you've started posting again! I adore Suede too.
1st-Nov-2013 07:47 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you decided to as well. First of all I'd forgotten all about livejournal, I used to blog on it a few years ago and it does have a lot more quality type journal/blogs than Blogger. So decided 1) to set up a journal and start blogging myself and 2) explore all of your previous posts until I get bored with it, but I can't see that happening so I guess that's my weekend sorted although I have a shoot on Sunday so will have to break off for that. I have to admit though the child in me came out and the first thing I clicked on in your tags was "boobs" :-)
1st-Nov-2013 09:59 pm (UTC)

Can't believe I've been blogging so long, looking at the archive. i should make a book! Im sad a lot of the older image links are broken, some I cant even remember what they were!
2nd-Nov-2013 10:21 am (UTC) - amazing imagery
like a fantasy
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