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1st-Nov-2013 01:24 pm - Elements of Nature
I was reminded again of why I should make an effort to reignite my blogging enthusiasm these past few days after following the success of photographer Eamonn Farell's "Elements of Nature" exhibition, which I had the great pleasure of modelling for on a number of occasions on and off since the summer of 2009. In fact if I'm not mistaken my first shoot for this project with Eamonn was the beginning of the whole series.

Thanks to my early efforts at tagging my blog entries I was able to look back on my previous 2 posts about my shoots with Eamonn (HERE!) and was reminded of all sorts of things I had totally forgotten, such as the lying-down-naked-in-a-pile-of-heather-full-of-ticks-oops incident. That first Donegal trip has also always been very memorable on a personal level it was during that trip that I realised I'd fallen in love. I can recall the exact instant... I happened to be swimming naked in the sea, as you do after a hard days work being sans clothes all over the Irish countryside. I think I was too shy to write that in the post at the time. Oh nostalgia!

4 years in the making, the series finally went on public display this month in Dublin. Unfortunately due to prior work commitments with Olympus I was unable to see the show in person and due to my incredibly sporadic internet access at the time it was being advertised, I wasn't really able to do much more than post a link on my facebook page to recommend people check it out. Though thankfully it doesn't seem like it really needed my internet pimping efforts, having been advertised on banners and posters in Dublin city centre as well as getting a fair bit of media coverage!

1 of my images, entitled "Escape from the Sea" was used to illustrate an article in the Irish Times magazine as well as on billposters in the city. I have to say it was a pretty surreal moment in my modelling career and quite a personal highlight to see myself (albeit very tiny) on a billboard alongside Suede, who have been a favourite band of mine since my early teens.

I was also on the invite to the show, with the "Shelter" image which also happens to be the omg-I-just-sat-naked-in-a-pile-of-ticks images XD

Though I wasn't there in person, I did see a video of the opening night and it looks like it was a great success. Congratulations Eamonn and thankyou so much for one of my favourite art nude projects I've ever been involved in! :)
27th-Oct-2013 06:22 pm(no subject)
I find myself with a rare hour of spare time in the Virgin First Class lounge at London Euston station and thought that rather than mindlessly refresh my social networking sites I'd spend a few extra minutes on an actual blog post. I'm not sure how many people still follow this blog... I'm aware that the visibility of a blog is somewhat proportional to the frequency of posts and as I'm sure I've already written in the more recent past entries, my posting has decreased somewhat dramatically from every other day to once every few months, if that. Perhaps this will be the one that kick starts me back into regular updates!

It seems a shame to have almost a decade worth of posts where I can look back and see details of things I've done and totally forgotten about, only to stop the past couple of years when I've been doing possibly the most work and travelling of my entire career.

So whilst it is impossible to catch up on the almost 5 months (*wrist slap*) since my last blog, I'll try from now on to make more of an effort, even if it's just for myself and no-one actually reads it. For anyone who might be reading, you can of course get a whirlwind picture-orientated overview of everything I've been doing recently over at my Facebook page. Which, incidentally I just noticed has had a whopping 15K new 'likes' in the past week. Whoever has shared or linked to me I have to say thanks because that's pretty spectacular!

Anyhoo.. back to the beginning of the post. I'm now in 1st class on the train to Chester where I'll be working for the next 5 days as part of a 4 week UK tour I'm on exclusively for Damian McGillicuddy and Olympus UK. Damian is the sponsored photographer and UK spokesperson for Olympus cameras and we've been travelling to various locations around the UK since early October, when they flew me over from Los Angeles (!) to promote the brand, shoot various advertorials and generally make a bunch of cool images using their new cameras. It's been a great trip so far, I can't decide if the highlight was the 2 days shooting in Wollaton Hall in Nottingham (purely from a nerdy perspective - it was the location used as Bruce Wayne's manor in the new Batman film) or at Dean Valley Studios; a fantastic huge overgrown/derelict Victorian greenhouse and barn near High Wycombe. This would be the point where I would post a bunch of behind-the-scenes pictures but my iPhone (currently my only camera) battery decided to die almost as soon as we got on site. There are a bunch of location shots if you visit the links though. And I do have the actual final images that we shot at each location already! Apologies the quality isn't the best, I'm having to hotlink from Facebook for now...

Photography by Damian McGillicuddy for Olympus UK
MUA: Zoe Hughes

Click for full size

The Dean Valley studios shot:

The Wollaton Hall shot:

And a couple of the other images from the various workshops and kit testing we've also been doing:
30th-May-2013 06:49 pm - Vital Vein
Greetings journal readers! It's been too long, as always. I just got back from a month of touring on the east coast of the USA, where I was shooting pretty much every day for 3 weeks. As well as New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Baltimore (all places I'd been to for shoots at least once before) this trip also saw my first ever visits to Washington DC and Boston, which was pretty exciting. I had a couple of brief moments of touristing, including a visit to the Lincoln Memorial in DC and the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia. The latter of which is possibly my new favourite museum I've ever been to. Inspiration for new artwork for sure!

I'm already planning a second tour for late September/early October as I had so many requests to return. I've already seen quite a few images from the trip that people have been kind enough to send me but I'll save those for another blog once I have more.

Right now I wanted to share this set of images shot last Autumn (around October I think? I can't quite remember). I'd been holding off posting these anywhere as they were intended for submission to publications but I noticed the designer decided to post them a few days ago so I guess that means I'm allowed to share too! It always happens when I'm told things are for submission that I kind of pretend they don't exist and try to forget about them, otherwise I get too impatient and keep wishing I can show people! There are a few more with another outfit too but I haven't seen those posted anywhere yet.

I recall that it was a particularly hot day in Los Angeles when we shot these at Studio Servitu; a wonderful location but like many creative LA spaces, sadly lacking in air conditioning. On a hot day posing in latex can become pretty uncomfortable really quickly. I remember this was one of those days where it was so hot that sweat was literally running down my legs and back (oh the glamour). You can kind of see it a little on some of the full view images. Thankfully due to a great photography/makeup/styling team I think it looks like a nice glowing sheen rather than the I'm-so-sweaty-and=gross-urgh thoughts that were probably in my mind.

My lovely co-model is Lux Lacheln
Photography by Jim Hestermen
MUA Tony Tulve
Wardobe by Vital Vein
Jewelry by Torture Couture
Shoes by Ellie Shoes

12th-Mar-2013 02:48 pm - Tallulah Love and other lovely undies
Ach! Where to begin! I just got back to LA after a crazy 2 month trip back to the UK where I was booked solid for the entire time, weekends and all. I don't think I've ever done 2 months straight working without a day off (well, I had about 6 days scattered here and there for hair dye refreshing! lol). As you can imagine this left me little time for blogging and I'm now starting to receive images from people I've worked with so my backlog of new images is pretty out of control. To top it all off, someone knocked my poor 6 year old laptop off the counter at airport security and although it is still functioning (kind of), the screen keeps going blank and only works if I hold it at an angle or sometimes hitting it works. haha. This is making the updating of my website and blog even more time consuming than usual! I have to give credit to Toshiba though, this laptop has served me so well, it's survived being carried around the world for 6 years, usually in my handbag with no special carry case. It's had various crap spilled on the keyboard and has been dropped many times before and is still working!

Anyhoo, I was snapped out of my "I have too much backlog I don't know where to begin" blog updating hiatus after reading an interesting comment on a new photo of me on Facebook. The image in question (the green lingerie below) was shot in Newcastle last month for Tallulah Love lingerie and the comment was from another commercial lingerie designer (who also makes beautiful stuff!) expressing surprise at seeing me in a more commercial image, modelling something other than latex. I do get similar comments every so often when I post any of my non-latex work. It always makes me raise an eyebrow and feel a bit disappointed (well, maybe that's the wrong word) that obviously many people are so familiar with all my crazy latex fashion images that they don't think I do anything else. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that it overshadows everything else though. It does make for very eyecatching and memorable imagery!

Still, one of the things I pride myself on with my modelling ability is that I'm able to cross over between many different genres, even being hired for the odd full-on mainstream job every so often, which isn't the case for many "alternative" models (and I don't think that specialising in one genre is a bad thing either, just personally for me I love being a crazy crossover chameleon, even within the various alt styles. And it doesn't hurt that commercial work pays way better than the majority of alternative work either. Sad but true ><). I hope that doesn't sound too self-congratulatory.. that wasn't my intention. I've been trying to tell myself it's ok to be proud of my achievements lately. I have a habit of putting myself down when people compliment me that I'm trying to get over!

After those musings I thought I might share some of my favourite images that I've been hired for by non-latex lingerie designers and retailers. Some of them might be familiar to long-term followers of my work. A few of them I don't think I've really posted anywhere before, particularly the Angels Carrying Savage Weapons collections, which were shot several years ago but only recently released. I love ACSW and their faith in my ability to carry off widely different looks; I've modelled for several of their collections, from alternative to more commercial and even some bridal gowns! I suppose those ones aren't actually lingerie, I just always associate corsets with underwear in my head even though I've worn outerwear corsets way more often.

more Vex in disguise...Collapse )

Hopefully I'll get back on with updating my website and more regular blogging next week after I bite the bullet and buy a new laptop. I have so much new stuff I want to share!
I have a 6 page interview/feature in the January 2013 edition of Maxim Magazine (Mexico). I do believe this is my first proper feature in a mainstream men's magazine! I thought I would post the original English version of the interview here for those who are interested! I do apologise, a couple of the questions were a bit personal/too-much-information (as to be expected from men's mags I guess). And I see they took a Buffalo Bill tweet I posted a while ago totally out of context! ("Do you want to f**k me? I'd f**k me"). LMAO.

Photography: Eduardo Baez
Click for full view!

1. Ulorin Vex is a very cool sounding name. Something in between a superheroine or a femme fatale secret agent. What does it mean?
I actually just created it from my imagination, with no meaning behind it! I am a big science-fiction and fantasy fan though, so maybe I should pretend to be a superheroine! I also use the name 'Malady Charlotina' in relation to my artwork and she is already described as my time-travelling explorer alter-ago!

2. Where are you now and what are you doing there?
Right now I am based out of Los Angeles, USA where I work as a professional model and artist. I moved here just over a year ago but I am from England originally. I travel very often though!

3. So, Tell us about your pictures. You look stunning in the blue suit. Is it spandex? How comfortable was it?
I haven't seen the photos yet; I'm excited to see them! The blue bodysuit is actually made out of latex (rubber) and was made by a fashion designer friend of mine called Blacklickorish Latex. I love wearing latex, it is so very tight and shiny! It is very hot to wear when the weather is warm though. I think when we did the photoshoot there was a heatwave in Los Angeles and I had sweat literally poring down my legs! haha. Hopefully it still looks sexy ;p

4. Besides modelling you are a Design Artist. But also, you studied Natural Sciences and have knowledge of Archaeology. You are like a swiss army of professions... Being an Indiana Jones was your Plan B or are you planning to give the treasure and relic hunts a try someday?
I never really had a future plan when I started modelling, I just love doing a lot of different things. I studied more Biology than Archaeology and was interested in environmental work. I am more focused on my artwork now though, when I am not modelling anymore I would love to be a professional artist and illustrator. Interestingly, I do have a twin sister who is a professional Archaeologist and she does travel the world digging up treasure! I like to compare her more to Lara Croft than Indiana Jones though.

5. Ok, now tell us about the designer living within you. Your portfolio as your alter ego, Malady Charlotina is very impressive. How do you deal with her art and this whole duality?
Thankyou! I do often feel like Ulorin Vex and Malady Charlotina are competing for my time! Originally I started modelling full time so that I would have more time to concentrate on drawing/painting (rather than be stuck in a 'normal' job) but I didn't realise how sucessful I would be with modelling. It is difficult to balance the two, as both of them require a lot of dedication. I am learning to become more organised with my time though! I take at least 3 days off per week to be Malady Charlotina instead of Ulorin!
I have also more recently been looking for ways to combine to two more closely; using my modelling images to inspire my artwork. I'm currently working on a series of paintings based on myself and other models I have worked with and admire, as well as a piece for a gallery show where I paint onto a printed photo of myself. It's very exciting!

6. Single? Or are you going to break our hearts?
I think it's more interesting not to tell :p

7. Tell us about a regular weekend in the life of Ulorin. What do you do for fun?
It changes all the time! I work hard but I like to party a lot too. I have quite a big living space (actually we did the photoshoot here, so you can see!) so often after going out clubbing we will bring the party back to my house! I have a ball pit and lots of silly things to climb on, like a Jungle Gym. I guess I still like behaving like a child sometimes! haha. I often go to art gallery show openings and to the cinema too.

8. Share with us some details about your most exciting and unusual sex session ever.
Haha. I don't usually talk about such things in public! I am quite adventurous and kinky sexually; there have been a lot of exciting times, it is difficult to pick one! I think threesomes are one of my favourites so far though; it's really hot to watch my partner with another girl. It's kind of like live action porn!

9. Please, give us a tip about sex that can help us in the future...
Don't be afraid to ask your partner to tell you or show you what they enjoy

10. 2013 looks promising. Any New Year resolutions?
Maybe I will start going to the gym! I have promised many times but still not done it yet!

Quick Questions:

Favorite Part of your body? Long legs
Favorite Food? The hotter the better!
Favorite Drink? Dark and Stormy (dark rum, coke, bitters, lime)
Favorite Villain? The Lord of Darkness (from Legend)
Favorite Movie? I hate picking favorites! Top 5 would include The Matrix and Lord of the Rings.
Favorite Quote from a Movie? "My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!"
Favorite sexy thing you do to drive men crazy? Talk dirty
Favorite Videogame? It changes. Right now, Borderlands
Favorite song? Queen - Don't Stop Me Now
Your life philosophy in one sentence: Innovate, don't imitate

Also the official links of Ulorin:
-Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ulorinvex
-Twitter: https://twitter.com/ulorin_vex
24th-Dec-2012 07:36 pm - Merry Yuletide and things to come!
First things first.. a Merry Xmas to all! I'm feeling oddly excited by Xmas this year for no particular reason that I can think of. I even splurged on a huge amount of good food stuffs and invited all my Xmas orphan friends for dinner and movie watching tomorrow. I used to be pretty good at traditional roast dinners, though it's been a while!

It's been another hectic month for me, with a couple of weeks away working in and around Baltimore, MD and Charlotte, NC. Both places I had never been before.. slowly expanding my USA travellings! I was flown to Baltimore primarily for a Vintage Vixens workshop being run by photographer Gail Kilker though I also did a few other shoots in the surrounding areas while I was there. The workshop went really well! The location was a Victorian mansion in York, PA that had a cute quirky decor that suited the pinup theme. I got to model a lovely custom latex dress from Fetasia as well as a couple of my own outfits and some beautiful vintage-esque lingerie from Teddy's Underthings.

Here is a small selection of the workshop images that I've been sent so far. I'm sure there will be lots more! A few are being kept under wraps at the moment as they're being published next year.

Click for full view!

Photo: Sisyphus Pushesthelight
Dress: Fetasia Latex
Necklace: DrBrassy
Shoes: Ellie Shoes

Photo: Sarah Faison
Headpiece: Rae Beth Designs
Lingerie: Teddy's Underthings

Photo: Richard Frost
Latex: Adala Clothing
Necklace: Torture Couture
Boots: Ellie Shoes

Photo: Kiati Plooks Outfit: As before)

Hair and makeup in all pics by Josphine Love

From Baltimore I flew straight to Charlotte, primarily to meet Allan's family for the first time but also for a couple of shoots. Including my first ever time posing with a snake! You would think that is something I would have done by now in over 8 years of modelling but no!

I got back only a few days ago, landing in LA after midnight and then straight into 2 days of shooting that same day for Emilie Autumn's new FLAG video. Needless to say I was pretty exhausted (in a good way!) by the time it was over. I'll probably write a separate blog about the video shoot. It was pretty epic! And I'm still hunting for more behind-the-scenes pics. I really need to get a new/working camera phone so I can finally start taking my own behind-the-scenes stuff!

Now I'm having a few days off to rest and work on a commissioned painting before I start getting reading for my trip back to Europe. I was supposed to be leaving nearer the end of January but now I will be flying back a mere 2 weeks from now on January 6th. Mostly because I was booked on a 5 day job modelling for Olympus and Damian McGillicuddy at the 2013 SWPP convention. Damian and I worked together back in August in Long Island for Olympus too (which reminds me, that's a whole new blog post that I need to do!). Damian is way better than me and has already posted a few different entries from the trip, you can see 'em by searching 'ulorin vex' tag (or clicking HERE ;))

4th-Dec-2012 10:42 pm - Morbid curiousity
Malady Charlotina needs a break from one of the paintings she's working on at the moment... time for a blog post! I've been concentrating on doing more drawings and art stuff lately. It's funny how as soon as I start putting more time into it just for my own enjoyment, that I start getting more outside interest and commissions too. I think I've had more commissions and print sales the past 6 months than I've ever had since I put my art website online.

I have one more day to finish the current piece before I fly to Baltimore to model for a Vintage Vixens workshop this weekend. It's my first ever time in Balitmore/Maryland so I'm pretty excited. It's been a little while since I visited somewhere totally new. I'm doing a bunch of other shoots in addition to the workshop and then flying straight from there to Charlotte, North Carolina (another first time!). Primarily to meet Allan's family but I also have a couple of shoots there too before I go back to Los Angeles. Then I'm taking a couple of weeks off before I fly back to the UK the first week of January. I'm back there for the whole of January and February, with photoshoots booked nearly every single day (taking 1 day per week off for the essential hair treatments and such things!). It's going to be crazy busy but I'm really looking forward to it. I love being so busy! I'm also going to finally ship my storage unit over to Los Angeles and be reunited with my book collection and other things I probably forgot that I own.

As ever, I also have a ton of new images that I haven't posted yet. As I was thinking about my return to the UK, I thought I might post a new set of images from my last trip there back in May/June. That was another crazy-working-every-day-for-5-weeks sort of affair though oddly I've only seen images from a handful of the shoots. This particular set I stumbled upon by accident via Model Mayhem. They are from a day I spent shooting on location in the North East of England with photographer Adrian Wilson. These are some of the natural landscapes of the area I grew up in. It's one of very few shoots I've done on location in my home region; I tend to always travel out of town when I'm visiting. I do love it when I get the chance though; I feel like the North East is a bit underrated in terms of it's natural beauty. Northumberland in particular is stunning (and has many amazing ruined castles and other historical monuments). I'm really looking forward to going back in the New year :)

I like that you can see the glory of the typical British weather in these shots. The shoot was almost cancelled as we were driving to the first location (the beach shots) as it was tipping it down with rain but by the time we arrived it was blazing sunshine, almost too bright to shoot in! After that we moved on to the river location, where it began to rain again and then to the oilseed field and a stone circle on a hill top, where storm clouds started to appear and the wind was absolutely freezing. So exhilarating though. Particularly when I was asked to dance around the stones! haha. I guess the photographer had a vaguely pagan theme in mind?

Click for full size

If you're particularly squeamish you might want to skip the next paragraph but I remember the river location in particular as it was quit a difficult and muddy climb to get down there, with very little space to get out of my clothing. The worst part, however was when I became aware of a gross smell very much like when I leave an out-of-date packet of sandwich ham in the fridge for too long. Looking around I finally noticed some sort of large animal carcass swarming with bluebottles (or maybe blow flies or flesh flies, I didn't pay attention). Amusingly (from my point of view anyway) my inner biologist and general interest in weird dead things easily won over from any squeamish reaction many people may have had to shooting nude there. I just wish I'd had a working phone camera (I didn't want to ask the photographer in case he thought I was too weird. He seemed to want to shoot and leave as quickly as possible!). I couldn't for the life of me identify what it was though. It was a little too far away and partly blocked by rocks. From the area we were in it really couldn't have been anything except for a sheep that had fallen down the hill or something but the strange thing was that it was totally hairless, with the appearance of pig skin. Or.. human! Dum dum dum. lol. I did have a strange half-second panic that it was a child but then I saw a leg poking out with a clearly non-human carpal joint.

Anyhoo, although I wasn't that bothered per say by the dead thing or it's stink, I was not willing to actually put my bare feet in the water it was sitting right next to. Combined with the fact those rocks were very slippery I'm afraid it made for slightly stiff and uninteresting posing from me, but I did the best I could!
Ever since I moved to the USA I've been keeping a mental list of all the random words, name differences (crisps = chips, chips = fries, aubergine = eggplant etc) and cultural differences in general as I come across them. I should write them all down at some point!

There was a particular misunderstanding at a photoshoot recently that made me laugh, sort of. I can't quite remember the topic of conversation, other than it was to do with childhood, but I made some reference to "my estate". It took me a second to realise that the other model thought I was referring to some sort of mansion and associated land! I was in fact, referring to the Council estate that I grew up on. I'm not sure that America has any equivalent to this? I assumed that it must have but there are a lot of social differences with the UK and I still make the mistake of taking such things for granted. For the non-UK readers, Council housing is owned by the local authority and is primarily rented out to the working class. Unfortunately the estates sometimes have a reputation for anti-social behaviour and people from more affluent areas often talk about them in a derogatory way. It always makes me feel a little sad when I hear it. And people really do talk s**t. My background isn't immediately obvious as I have lost my colloquial accent since I moved away and I'm pretty well spoken, so I guess people don't think they might be insulting me. Of course, many places have their problems but in general the place I grew up was perfectly fine. People were on low incomes but for the most part normal and hard working.

I know from being told to my face that many people assume that "alt" models have either a day job or parental support or some sort of trust fund paying for their rent or living expenses. And I don't even think there is necessarily anything wrong with that (you lucky b*****ds :p). However, non of those things apply to me.. It is not easy but I really do pay all my rent, bills and everything else through my job as a freelance model and have done for several years. My family has never been able to provide me with any financial support and I just grew up with that as being the normal thing. I'm grateful for the independence that encouraged as well as knowing how to be frugal when things are slow! And I will admit it, I take a sad sort of pride in knowing that everything I have, from my education to my modelling career to my loft and 5 kitties, is the result of my own hard work and being good at what I do. And it's all so crazy and unlikely, I have to stop fairly often and say a mental thank you to an invisible entity that I don't even believe in. Now there's a remnant from my childhood and (Catholic) upbringing that I am less thankful for. Ha ha!

I feel like I was going somewhere with all that but can't quite remember where! I apologise (good old Catholic guilt again) I know the previous paragraphs sound a little self-congratulatory but for some reason it's important to me that I make some public reminder about where I come from. As cheesy as it sounds, life really is what you make of it and you can do anything you put your mind to.

And now for something completely different!

Because I couldn't possibly do a text-only blog, I thought I would post these new shots that I just got sent from photographer Micheal Quan that have absolutely nothing to do with anything I wrote about previously. We shot these at the Linda Vista Hospital; an absolutely amazing location I was previously unaware of but turns out is only 3 miles from where I live!

Click for full view

Photography by Micheal Quan
Latex outfits are by Westward Bound

These were shot in the same boiler room where A Nightmare on Elm Street was filmed. So cool! We spent a total of 5 hours there but could easily have been there all week and still not shot everywhere. There were so many rooms and areas it was hard to take it all in. They even have a fake morgue used for movies (the real one was locked up and not accessible to the public), which was one of the only places that was relatively clean and not covered in dust. Getting in and out of latex outfits without staining them with dirt was a challenge!

As you can possibly tell, one of the reasons I love shooting on location is the ability to climb around, hang off things and generally be a modelling monkey ;p
14th-Nov-2012 07:23 pm - High Gloss Dolls - the book!
Just got a copy of the new High Gloss Dolls book from Goliath Publishing (thanks Goliath!). It was lovely to see I have 4 full page images inside! Though I was mildly surprised that all but one of them are from our most recent shoot a few months ago in Los Angeles. Katja Ehrhardt (the photographer and clothing designer behind High Gloss Dolls) is one of my longest running collaborators; our first shoot was in Hamburg, Germany in 2006 and we've shot together many times since. Actually thinking about it, every year since up to 2009! After that there was a break of a couple of years as I went travelling.

It prompted me to go back and look at all the stuff we've done together.. this is a selection of pics from a few those shoots in Hamburg and Berlin. We did a lot of lovely stuff with latex hoods too but I can't seem to find them on the depths of my laptop!

20 19 18
17 14 5

Loads more images under the cut...Collapse )

I was really excited when Katja told me she was visiting LA this year and we finally got to work together again. It's interesting to look at the progression from our first work to the most current. I think many of them are still among my strongest work but I do see a change from me in terms of expression - I was less confident back then and I see the "unsureness" in my face. I feel like nowadays I most often look kinda fierce and regal when I'm wearing latex (for want of a better word ><) whereas a lot of these are very soft and sweet despite the semi-nakedness! I wonder if I can try to recapture that in upcoming shoots! Just for a change :)

As well as the new book, a couple of the images from our most recent shoot are published in the 2013 High Gloss Dolls calendar (available HERE) and also on the flyer cover and event promo for this month's Fetish Factory party. I've yet to attend one of their parties but I'm told they are one of the best in the USA, I guess somewhat equivalent to Torture Garden in the UK? Hoping to go to some next year though :)

27th-Oct-2012 04:43 pm - VEX VS IZZY PART II
Just got back from shooting with Danger Ninja for Chained By Carrion. Morgan Panter did such an amazing job with my hair and makeup I'm keeping it in for tonight's Halloween festivities! Seriously, I look like Vex the Little Mermaid! I will make it work with my Red Sonja meets Viking costume!

I took some quick snapshots for public entertainment purposes...

I just finished updating my website a couple of days ago, with tons of photos from the past few months, as well as a bunch of tearsheets from magazines I've been in and other stuff. I finally feel like I'm starting to get on top of things! I wanted to dedicate another blog post to my shoot with J Isobelle De Lisle as there were just so many good shots and I only ever put a few per 'look' on my site.

Click for full size

lots more under the cutCollapse )

The latex kitty collar I'm wearing is from Abigail Greydanus

It's always fun for me to step back and observe how there are certain photographers that have a knack for bringing something 'extra' out of their models.. it can be due to the way they give direction or the way they shoot and also has a lot to do with their individual personalities. J Isobelle (whose name I shortened with unintentional comic effect to Jizzy whilst updating... giving amazing filenames such as jizzybed.jpg and jizzybuddha.jpg XD) is almost the same age as me and although we had never met until the night before the shoot, I could tell we had quite similar interests and slightly shy 'real life' personalities. I very quickly felt more like we were just friends hanging out and taking fun pictures and I love how I can see that spontaneity when I look at the photos. And of course, only a cute girl with pet rats and a ninja cat could convince me to cover myself and my hair is maple syrup.. :p

Izzy is actually selling some one-of-a-kind signed instax prints from this shoot at her blog HERE if anyone is interested in having a unique pic! :)
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